Another weekend

TGIF. Time for a little work break. Wow…what a week…it’s been busy. What’s been going on…hmmm…last friday Tony Hawk was in town for a skateboarding demo. Get this…the demo was at halftime at the local football game. Talk about a collision of cultures. The game had the highest attendance record for this year…i think a few thousand skaters had something to do with that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the game. It was my girlfriend’s birthday so we decided to go out for a fancy evening. We went to Sotto Sotto for dinner. Awesome place…i would totally recommend it. The BEST steak I have ever eaten. It’s a big celebrity hangout for actors when they’re in town.

The next day we headed back to my hometown to go to a friend’s wedding. Good to see him get married and see all the guys hanging out together again. An exhausting day.

Sunday was a day of shopping. We try to take advantage of having a car as much as possible. Stock up on all the things you can’t for when you have to take public transport. I didn’t get back home until midnight on Sunday. Not the way i wanted to start the week.

The week has been full of activities…but I can’t remember them. Probably not a good thing. I know wed night was the first game of the playoffs for our ultimate league. Another loss…so disappointing. One more week of playoffs and then i’ll go crazy without playing ultimate. Thursday night was shopping for sunglasses. My current Oakley’s cracked around the lenses and I had to crazy glue them back together. I’ve been searching for a specific combination of frame/lens. Last night I decided i’m going to go for the Minute model in the FMJ Gunmetal/Fire lens. I really wanted the 5.56 FMJ frame & Fire lenses but they only come in a polarized version and that makes them quite a bit more expensive. Since i’ve got a thin face, these glasses fit better.

This week is a long weekend. I’m going to the States with my girlfriend to do a little bit of shopping. I’d really like to get some electronics…not sure what…but I like buying electronics. 🙂

Anyways…back to work.

Will the moving ever end?

The long weekend is almost here…and not soon enough. This week was pretty brual. 2 solid days of packing & moving…exhausting…even mentally. I couldn’t get my brain to slow down at night when I was trying to sleep. It kept going like an energizer battery…thinking of what i missed and what was left to do. Last night after I finished moving (almost finished), i slept much better. Tonight & the rest of the weekend I’ll be helping my former housemate move and paint his place, as well as trying to unpack & setup my place. But this is the fun part that I’ve been waiting for. I’m amazed with the view we have. We sat around last night and our apartment looks right over a park and down into the city. The lights in the office towers look awesome (although not sound for the environment). I think (and others have said the same) our view is equivalent to having an apartment on the edge of New York’s central park and overlooking the park. I’m looking forward to sitting on the balcony a lot. Maybe even reading the paper on the patio and having breakfast tomorrow morning.

But I do miss downtown. Every day, going to work i pass my old place and i miss being in the center of everything. You can’t have it all…so this is what i have to sacrifice. Not bad.