Tha Shizzolator

While looking for links for the last post, Snoop’s site has a link to complete with Tha Shizzolator. In case you wanna surf the internet and read in street-speak, put your favorite website address into the Shizzolator. Lots of people hitting the site, so it takes a while.

Here’s what the last post looks like Snoopified:

“Tomorrow night, downtown T.Dot.” The Snoop Doggfather is coming town, know what I’m sayin’? I don’t think ticket sales are going that well, know what I’m sayin’? Either I wuz dreaming, or da radio from my alarmclock be like da tickets wuz now selling 2 fo’ 1. Too bad I paid full price ($64) fo’ mine n’ shit. It’ll be gravy n’ shit. Snoop’s an institution, know what I’m sayin’? Who else can invent they own language ‘n has that shiznit spread pop culture.” Can’t wait see da shizzow n’ shit. Fo shizzle ma nizzle, know what I’m sayin’?”

Who knew I could talk with such street cred.

Snoop D O Double-Gizzle

Tomorrow night, downtown T.Dot. The Snoop Doggfather is coming to town. I don’t think ticket sales are going that well. Either I was dreaming, or the radio from my alarmclock said the tickets were now selling 2 for 1. Too bad I paid full price ($64) for mine. It’ll be good. Snoop’s an institution. Who else can invent their own language and have it spread to pop culture. Can’t wait to see the shizzow. Fo shizzle ma nizzle.


I’m a professional skateboarder

Well, not in real life. But in the 1’s & 0’s I’m pretty good. I just finished Tony Hawk’s Underground (THUG) for the PS2 last night. This is the first PS2 game I’ve completely finished all the way to the end. Usually I get to about 90% and then it either becomes too hard, too routine, I have another new game that takes my attention or I just have no time to play. Last night I was flabberghasted when I actually finished it. It was a wierd feeling – “what now? what do I do next?” The credits rolled and that was it. I looked forward daily to the challenges, but they are now complete.

So I decided to check out some online play now that I was familiar with the levels and could provide some challenge to the vidpunks online who play 8+ hours/day. Before I got that far, I checked out the additional online features. You can download everything now when you connect online. Extra user-created levels, players and goals! In THUG, it’s now a story mode game with 129 goals to tackle throughout the game. You start out as a rookie skater, working your way up through the ranks to become a pro. Users can now create their own series of goals throughout the different levels of the game, providing infinite playability of the game. What a brilliant idea. So I downloaded a few goals packs and started playing again. I now have more to play again….just until SSX 3 arrives on Xmas morning (hope, hope) and I’ve found a new game to occupy my time.