This cloud has a pewter lining.

The day started off good, got terrible and took a slight upturn.

Last week we were talking about going to the Kanye West concert with Dilated Peoples. I checked it out and it’s about $45 a ticket. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to go since I’m trying to save $$ lately and the last concerts weren’t great value for the dollar. So yesterday I got a call from V to see if we were going to purchase tickets for the show. I was delaying the decision cause I was still hung up on the price.

This morning I went to get the car washed up. I always like getting the car cleaned up on a sunny weekend day. Except today. Once I got home I found I’ve got a large scratch on the front passenger door. Looking at it, I can tell someone opened their door against ours and then as they were getting in, it slid up and down leaving some serious scratches. Damn it! Even more car repairs. After last weekend’s busted front grill ($900 to replace!), this is probably going to cost about $300 as well. This car is definitely taking its toll. So that’s the cloud of the day.

So I came inside. severely defeated. The radio was on, which was really rare for J to have it turned on…especially to the rap station, Flow93.5. I listen to it, but Jenn always complains when I listen to too much rap in the car. As I was stewing about how much money this was going to cost I thought to myself that I really shouldn’t go to the concert.Then I heard on the radio…”be the 9th caller and you’ll win tickets to see Kanye West and Dilated Peoples on the radio”. I ran for the phone…it was the best way I was gonna go to this concert. I dialed and dialed and dialed and dialed. Finally I got through and recognized the voice on the line as Kass P, the host of the show. I won! I was the 9th caller. I played it up a little bit since I knew it was going to be on the radio. Then I had to give the tagline…Kass asked me “who gives you free tickets?” I froze. I couldn’t remember the name of the station. “93.5! Flow!” I got it backwards so I had to do it again.”Flow 93.5!” I sat on hold listening to the radio while they did some editing to chop out the mistakes I said. I grabbed my cellphone and called V. Luckily he was driving in his car and J was on the road as well by this time too, so I called her to listen. After the next song ended my winning call aired on the phone. After a lot of me yelling, “Nice! Sweet!” Kass came back on the phone and took down my address and stuff. So this friday, I’ll be checking out the Kanye concert. A little bit of not-quite silver lining to my cloud.

Now if only I could see the Method Man concert as well…but I’ll be in Whistler at the time, so that’s not a bad tradeoff.

Kanye West is gonna be huge

I’ve been listening to Kanye’s College Dropout and I can’t get enough…every song is great. He’s got a lot of really intelligent rhymes with a ton of catchy beats. A lot of people haven’t heard of him, but if they knew how many tracks he’s worked on for production, it’s pretty surprising. Some highlights: Jay-Z (Bonnie & Clyde), Talib Kweli(Get By), Ludacris(Stand Up), Britney Spears(Me Against the Music). It’s a huge list. Will Kanye surpass N.E.R.D to be the hot one to get on your tracks? I think so. Check the website for sample tracks.
I saw an interview with him and he’s not waiting around for the success of this album to die out…he’s already working on this next album. Beats and rhymes from one guy..a musical powerhouse. Check it out.

Favorite rhyme “Mayonnaise coloured Benz, I push miracle whips.” – Last Call 3:32