The wedding was a success!

After all that time, planning and working…the wedding was a great success. No problems or headaches. I think that was because we were overprepared. But that made things easier for us. One slight glitch was the weather. Rain & lots of it, so we didn’t get to take photos before the ceremony. Which actually turned out to be a blessing in surprise as that way I didn’t have to see Jenn before the ceremony. I was so amazed when I saw her for the first time, walking down the aisle. Beautiful. I barely kept it together. Some funny moments with the vows, but it was smooth sailing. The reception was great, great food. Although I couldn’t eat much as I was still nervous about the speech. Friends had created a photo slideshow for us. Stunning. A quick first dance, and the night was off. I had quite a few drinks at by 11pm, I couldn’t stay off the dance floor. I was euphoric. At 1am, the night ended too soon. I was seriously considering hitting the clubs, but knew I’d be too exhausted for the following morning. To all who attended, thanks for a great day!

Surprise celebrity guest at the wedding

We had a special guest appear at our wedding. It was just before the reception and we were doing some photos on the front steps of the King Edward. I saw some autograph folks standing around so I knew something was up. But I didn’t know who it was.

The general manager met us inside and congratulated us. He also gave us a very valuable tip. He alerted us that the person the autograph hounds were waiting for was making his way downstairs. I couldn’t believe it! I knew he was doing a show in town that night. One of my groomsmen had even joked about ditching the wedding to go see the show up the street at Massey Hall. The manager told us to get our photographer ready and we could possibly get a photo with him. I couldn’t believe it. He was coming right out the front doors.

We waited about 10 minutes and had to get a move on with doing the wedding photos, so our hopes were fading. Our photographers went upstairs to setup while we milled about in the lobby hoping for a last chance to see him. A few disguised autograph seekers were waiting as well. We were just about to leave when I saw his entourage. I got my mom and my sister’s boyfriend to try snapping a bunch of photos. Autograph hounds swarmed. Jenn got right in his way blocking his exit as we waited for him to finish and went he turned, she asked him…

“Mr. Seinfeld, can we get a photo with you for our wedding?”

!! Yeah! Jerry Seinfeld, in person! Unfortunately, he turned us down…typical Jerry style too…”I’m really sorry, I just can’t. I have to go to the show. Really sorry.” Exactly like you’d see on the show. That would have made a great wedding photo. Definitely one of the great moments of the day. Oh yeah…the getting married part was pretty good too. 🙂

Seinfeld at my wedding

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The clock is ticking

5 days! 5 days left! I’m not nervous at all about if I’m making the right decision, cold feet, etc. Marrying J I’m definitely sure of. The only thing that’s making me nervous is the amount of stuff that still remains to be done. We’ve been going non-stop every waking hour for at least the last 2 weeks. The apartment is a shambles since we don’t have time to stop and clean. Dishes have been in the sink for a week, the recycling pile is threatening to avalanche and fill our kitchen. With my luck, I’ll get buried under it and miss my own wedding. Last night was total exhaustion. Jenn rented Gangs of New York last Sunday night and we didn’t have time to watch it in an entire week, so I had to return it unwatched.

We did decide to take a break for our mental sanity on Saturday night to see Kill Bill 2. J watched my dvd a couple weeks ago and she’s been dying to see #2. Which surprised me because she hates swords & knives. She can deal with guns no problem, but once a blade comes out, she winces and hides her eyes. But she really enjoyed both #1 & #2. I guess that confirms I’m marrying the right girl. 🙂