please sit on me

please sit here

These seats look so lonely without anyone to sit there.

Pee on my food please. I’m hungry.

From BoingBoing:

“some company has developed food packs for the us army that can be rehydrated with urine. It’s supposed to reduce the amount of water(and therefore weight) they need to carry. The pouch has a filter that removes almost all the toxins from the urine”

I don’t care if the pouch gets rid of 100% of the toxins…I’m still not eating anything after I leak on it. Just visualizing that act makes me lose my appetite. This reminds me of a bet made by some guys I knew in university involving a pizza. The bet was made that the guy couldn’t pee and hit something from 10 feet away. So they threw a slice of pizza down 10 feet away and sure enough he hit it….and covered it. The loser of the bet then had to eat the pizza.

incoming subway

ride the rocket

CVS Keywords

Something I never have as a decent reference is the listings for the CVS keywords. So I’ll post the ones that I find useful so I (and others) can refer to them.

  • $RCSfile$ – filename
  • $Revision$ – version number
  • $Date$ – date checked in
  • $Author$ – author name
  • $Id$ – all of the above
  • $Log$ – comments from commits