Arrested Development is back

The Arrested Development season premiere was on last night. I’ve been waiting for this show to start again. Best show on television. They even talked about a website on the show – I’m I checked it out this morning, sure enough it’s live. Only 42 visitors so far. I’m sure it’ll go much higher.

The fall tv season is looking very good. Too good in fact. I’m not sure how I’m going to get anything done, other than watching tv all the time. There’s 2-3 hours of decent tv almost every weeknight. This could be damaging to my productivity.

Sneaker Fiends –

Earlier in the summer, I was at the Getting Up concert. As I explained in the previous post, a guy from was taking photos of people and their shoes. The gallery is now posted and as you can see in the photo above, I’m posted. The shoes didn’t show up very well, but they’re a single-colour leather and it’s a small photo. There’s some nice looking shoes in there.

Sunrise photos

The photoblog this week concludes with postings of an early morning walk around the neighbourhood. Lots of sunrise photos. If you like sunrises, definitely check out these photos: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday.

Thursday and Friday’s photos are definitely my favorites.

iTunes 5 broke sharing music

I just upgraded iTunes to the new version 5 yesterday. After the upgrade, there were no computers listed in the Sharing Music folder. In the office, lots of people share through iTunes so I thought this strange they were no longer shown. Turns out, there’s a bug in iTunes so that if you have unchecked the display of Show Radio, you no longer see anyone else’s music in Shared Music. I’d turned of Radio cause we’re not supposed to stream radio to the office – networking issues, you know.

Posting this so maybe it will help others who’ve had this problem as well.

Labour Day weekend

There wasn’t much labouring going on for me this long weekend. The weekend went like this:


  • BBQ dinner at home. J & I surprised my sister, meeting her out at a bar for drinks for her birthday.


  • Early morning drive up to a friend’s cottage. Spent the day getting blown down the lake on a windsurfer. Also did my first run tubing (see photo above). Note: don’t tube for 20 minutes straight in choppy water at high speeds. I turned into a ragdoll and my arms, neck, back and chest are still aching days later from holding on as hard as I could. I’ve got terrible neck headaches. Hopefully they go away soon, or I’ve gotta go for a massage to get everything back in order.
  • Hung out with friends at the cottage, ate lots of food and played with babies. Babies are the new thing amongst a lot of our friends now. I guess now that everyone’s married, babies are the next step. Good kids, they keep us entertained.
  • Filled up with gas on the way home. I was actually thankful when I got to the gas station and saw it was $1.22/L. “That’s not too bad” I thought to myself. It’s only because the day prior it was near $1.39. Crazy that 2 weeks earlier it was in the $0.80’s.


  • Drove to Hamilton for a wedding. My first Greek wedding. Kinda long at an hour. I’m used to less than 30mins now. It was cool because everything the reverend/priest/? said was in a sing-songy rhythm. Half talking, half singing.
  • Hung out in a hotel room with friends in town for the wedding. Another baby afternoon, but he slept (along with many of us) for the whole time Watched more sad New Orleans news.
  • Wedding reception with a TON of food. Great antipasto table. Round after round of food. Followed up by a lot of dancing around in a big line holding hands. A fun wedding overall. Then I lost my camera.


  • Slept late, loafed around the house while J had to go into the office to complete some work. She works a lot. Watched hours of CSI marathon on Spike TV.
  • Went out to Blockbuster to look for videos. Watched the Snowbirds airplanes fly overhead for a while at the CNE airshow.

Katrina revolts

The news barrage of the last week is very 9/11-esque. I haven’t been this glued to the tube since the towers fell. And conversations with friends this past week have always revolved around Katrina. It’s hard to imagine just how hard these people have been hit and how long this has been going on without any immediate assistance. I’m shocked because year after year, hurricanes and floods hit the US each summer, they’re in the news for a short while and assistance happens and people recover. I’m not sure if Katrina was any more fierce than storms in the past, or if there just hasn’t been a serious response to the aftermath.

A lot of people are breaking down and can’t take it anymore. Police are turning in their badges, some are even commiting suicide. Officials are cracking, the Mayor is rightly frustrated. People need to see a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a lot of finger pointing going on, and it’s all pointing towards Bush. The Department of Homeland Security was designed specifically for these issues. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann states the following:

“It has just proved that it cannot save its citizens from a biological weapon called standing water.”

Not terrorist weapons, or bombs, or chemical agents…simple water that’s not even moving.

The Crooks and Liars blog has been very good at capturing the outbursts and backlash in the media in this situation. Video for downloads so you don’t have to watch 6 channels at the same time to catch everything going on.

For now, let’s just stop pointing fingers, get these people out, and sort out what went wrong after. These people need our help, so now’s the time to give a hand. or

Hurricane Katrina I'm OK Registry

Missing my camera

Let me start by saying I’m a very organized person (my friends might call me anal-retentive, I just call it precise). I always keep track of everything I have whenever I’m out. Yesterday I was at a wedding for the day. Great wedding, great day. My first Greek wedding, with lots of food, lots of dancing, and even more food. No plate smashing though, for legal reasons. Unfortunately at the end of the night, I forgot to take my camera off the back of my chair. I grabbed my jacket and left without the camera. That’s so unlike me, I never lose anything. It wasn’t until today when I went to look at the photos I took from the wedding that I couldn’t find the camera. I searched the house, searched the car, but my fears were realized – I forgot my camera. I called the banquet hall and they’re closed today. I’ll be calling first thing tomorrow morning. I’m hoping someone turned in my camera to the banquet hall staff.

So I spent the afternoon lying on the couch, wallowing in despair. Knowing that I’m missing my camera, 2 memory cards and my rechargeable batteries. And also knowing that I can’t afford right now to buy the replacement digital camera I’d planned on. So depressing. This might make a big impact on my daily photos. I really hope my camera turns up tomorrow.

Update 9/06 – I called the banquet place. Nothing in lost and found, but it could be elsewhere. They’ve got my number in case it turns up but I’ll be calling back tomorrow. I’m trying to contact the bride to see if it was turned into her at the end of the night.

Update 9/08 – It’s alive! Turns out the camera was found at the end of the night at the wedding reception and it was turned in to the bride. She’s got it and I’ll be getting it back on the weekend. Phew. I’ll now return to regular photo-blogging.

Portraits In The Park

I attended one of Rannie’s Portraits In The Park sessions last night. It was just down the street from my work, so I definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It was very cool to meet people in person after reading their sites and checking out their photos online. Aside from meeting Rannie, I met LizVang (I’d previously read her site via Joey’s ), Jody (what’s your site again? five something?), Maria, and a few others. Had to split early for an appointment at 6:30 so I couldn’t stick around as long as I wanted to. Rannie snapped a couple quick candids, as well as the portaits done on film. I learned how to take unexpected candid shots by watching him take a photo of me. We were in the middle of a conversation and in the middle of talking he quickly brought the camera up, focused, and snapped before I even knew what was going on. So that’s how it’s done. Good to know. I’m looking forward to the developed film and attending more meetups with Toronto photobloggers.