That’s a terrible thing to say about the chef

I guess that’s why it’s so cheap.

I saw this today as I was walking to grab some lunch and started laughing. I should send this to Jay Leno’s clippings segment.

Let the competitions begin!

Kenny Vs Spenny is finally back! In Canada at least. I ran into Kenny on the street walking to work in May and he mentioned it was going to be on Showcase. It premiere’s this Sunday, October 16 @ 9:30. I’ll set the VCR to record for sure. A whole new series of competitions. Should be a great season.

Check out Kenny’s Site (not ready at this point, check back later). His bio on Showcase says he’s now writing for South Park. Kenny commented here that he was hanging with Matt & Tre, so I guess they liked his work enough to bring him on to South Park.

Oh yeah…I’m cheering for Spencer since Kenny always dominates so easily and I like to see when the underdog wins. It’s too expected that Kenny will win. It’s actually shocking when Spenny wins and the look of defeat on Kenny is real. Spenny doesn’t take advantage of his “humiliation rewards” as much as he should when he wins. Kenny totally humiliates Spenny and that’s hilarious to watch.

Proper Urination Technique

About 3 weeks ago, signs appeared in the washrooms at my office asking not to throw papertowels in the toilet as they were clogging the pipes, plumbing charges, etc. Then about a week after that, signs appeared above the washroom sinks demonstrating proper handwashing technique, the kind you see in restaurants instructing employees to remember to wash their hands. Then on Friday, another sign appeared above the urinals. I think this one was the most informative and useful. I’m not making this up. This was actually in our washroom, although I think it was a prank by one of the co-op students. Funny as hell. I laughed out loud when I saw it.

I think the dude is quite dehydrated. He should drink more water.

A History of Youth

Summer 2004 camping trip
On Saturday night, Jenn and I went to see A History of Violence. I’ve been awaiting the opening for this as I missed it at the recent Toronto Film Festival. I like Viggo’s work and he’s recently said this is “his best work” or something to that effect. That says a lot after playing a major part in the legendary Lord of the Rings. We were running late to get it, grabbed our tickets and got to the guy with the very rewarding job of ripping the stub off your ticket as you enter towards the theatre area. The following conversation ensued:

Ticket-guy: “Enjoy your show. (he looks up from the ticket and looks at me) Wait a minute. Are you over 18?”
Me: “You’ve got to be kidding me. Thanks though.”

I didn’t bother even stopping. I’m pushing 32 and he questions me being 18. I’m almost double 18. As we were walking off, he realized his mistake and kinda joked it off.

I guess when I’m 50 and I’m questioned if I’m over 35, I’ll be really appreciative. For now, I intend on staying young for a very long time.

Oh yeah…I really enjoyed the movie. I’ll be checking out the DVD as well so I can pause it at some of the brutal scenes that go by too fast.