toronto squared photo exhibit

toronto squared

I’ll be attending Rannie’s show opening this saturday evening. I’m looking forward to seeing his latest work. Get out there in Toronto and see some great Toronto photography. I think I’ll make Saturday a photography day, starting with a trip to the AGO to see the Frank Gehry exhibit, followed by wondering the city for areas to photograph. After Rannie’s show, I’ll be meeting some friends near by for drinks. Busy day.

Toronto April 29, 2006: Toronto Squared is a photo exhibit by Rannie Turingan at Le Petite Dejeuner, 191 King St. East Toronto. The focus of Toronto Squared is the documentation of our city through the lenses of a variety of medium format cameras. Toronto Squared is part of the Contact Photo Festival and will be running until June 6th.

Rannie Turingan is a Toronto based photographer working comfortably in both digital and analog photographic media and is the founder of the Toronto Area Photobloggers, an online community of photographers based in Greater Toronto/Golden Horseshoe who show their works on blogs.

Contact Photo Festival is Canada’s premier art festival celebrating Photography as an art form. In it’s 10th year, Contact runs from May
1 to 31 2006 and all the exhibits are spread out all over Toronto in public venues and galleries.

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chernobyl 20 years

photo by paul fusco

an amazing and scary photo essay on the results of the chernobyl accident 20 years later. complete with audio narration.

panorama photo of stubai glacier


on the weekend, i stitched together a series of photos i’d taken from my austria trip. the original is (7417 x 2345), but it’s worth it to see the details of the mountain. be sure to click on all sizes >original to see it in full detail.

my sister is engaged!

this is not the ring, but it sure looks tasty

i got the call on friday. my sister’s boyfriend proposed to her. we thought it was coming at some point, but i didn’t think it would be this weekend. i’m very happy for her. and he’s a great guy, so i don’t have protective big brother fears either. he and i have a lot of common interests and he’s very patient with my sister – more patient than i – so he’s a great catch. i’m glad to see our family growing again. so it looks like i’ve got a very important wedding to attend some time next year. mom was very happy to hear the news and i know dad would be pleased as well.

congrats again to the happy couple

bought a dslr

i knew once i commited to selling my film slr, it wouldn’t be long before i purchased a digital slr. i bought the nikon d70s on the weekend and it’s amazing. the speed and handling are better than my film camera and i can ‘afford’ to shoot more than a roll a week. the weight and size of it are great. i can shoot sequences now (skateboard/snowboard/action shots). i’m taking this camera with me everywhere now so that i can catch opportunities when i see them.

the d70s is a great choice for me. it’s enough of a camera to give me more than enough options to take great photos. i considered the new d200, but it’s $1300+ to get it. if i was a pro or shooting photos for a job, then maybe it would make sense.

next time you see me, ask me to see it…so i can take your picture for my collection.

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super size me

at the end of january, i joined a local gym. i was tired of sitting on the couch for the winter without any regular exercise. our ultimate frisbee team hibernated for the winter and i needed activity. i’d joined a gym in 1999 and managed to go there for about 3 months and went about twice a month until my year membership died out. i hoped i wasn’t making the same mistake again, so the best way not to waste money is to spend even more money. i signed up for a trainer to make sure i was getting the fastest results possible and keep me attending regularly. i go directly after work so i don’t go home and fall asleep on the couch instead.

my goals were 1) gain weight (20lbs) – i’m very light for my height 2) build muscle – i may need to lift a car in an emergency some day.

after reviewing my eating habits with the trainer, it’s clear why my weight is low and why my previous gym attempts didn’t give me many results. i’m not eating nearly enough. i’m a picky eater and i don’t enjoy eating. i’ve always said i just wish i could take a ‘food pill’ that would give me everything i need for nutrition in a pill without having to take a half hour of eating, along with time to cook & clean. all that stuff just interrupts stuff i’d rather be doing. some people enjoy eating food just to taste great flavours – i’ve never been one of those people. give me a steak & potatoes pill i can wash down with water and i’ll be glad to return to other interests.

since i can’t eat massive quantities at each sitting (i just can’t eat a lot) and i burn it off so fast, i have to eat every 2 hours. i eat 5-6 meals a day now and it should probably be more. breakfast, 10:30am, noon, 3, 7, 10 I eat. and i record everything i eat for the trainer to inspect – it keeps me honest and commited. and just to make sure i don’t have to eat additional, i don’t do long cardio run sessions at the gym as that just burns extra calories i’d have to replace.

my trainer steve showed me the great way to properly repeat exercises (2seconds flex, 4 seconds release) and it’s had results. all of this has contributed to me now being in the best shape ever. i’ve gained a decent amount of muscle mass and in the past 6 weeks, i’ve gained 8.5 lbs! i’ve never been able to gain more than 3-4 lbs and i’m at my heaviest weight ever. i’m very pleased with the results.

i’ve signed on for another month of training with steve and we’re now starting more serious weight training to increase the results. nothing fanatical, just healthy. i’m hoping for 20lbs by end of summer and i should be fine then. and if so, my best friend bet me a nice steak dinner. i’ll make sure to take the time and eat that one for as long as possible.

gotta go…time to eat. again. my stomach is rumbling.

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alist chinatown world tour

Thursday night should be a good time. I’m invited to my brother-in-law’s art show opening. I missed his opening in NYC, and there’s no way I’m going to miss one here in Toronto. The photos from the NYC show looked really good. I’m looking forward to seeing his latest batch of work…he’s been secluded for a while working on it, with some breaks for PS2 and movies at our place. He won’t let us see what he’s working on anymore…strictly surprises to be revealed at the show. He does a lot of illustration in large format, wall-size murals. His latest shows are illustrations of Chinatowns in each of the cities he’s showing at. Very cool stuff. I can stare at the details for hours.

Check his site for examples of his work and photos from his shows. His custom sneakers are sick and the marker collection is funny.

sold my slr

i sold my Nikon SLR today. it was painful to part with it as i feel an emotional attachment to it. it was my first serious camera and i’ve used it a fair amount. had a lot of fun and took some great photos with it. but i had to part with it to make way (and give me some extra $$) to get my new DSLR. I’m looking at getting the Nikon D70S. I considered the Nikon D200, but it’s at least $1300 more for that body. I can’t justify (although I would really love it) spending that much more for the D200. I don’t think it will make my photos look $1300 better. The D200 is a better body, with some better controls but I think I can live with taking a few extra steps to control my settings.

oh yeah…i sold my camera on craigslist. i opted to skip ebay since i didn’t want to have to deal with bidding, shipping, etc. i posted to craigslist 4 days ago, met the buyer today at lunch at a starbucks and it was all done. old fashioned technology – a handshake and a deal made.