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Imagine my surprise this morning as I’m reading Torontoist, going through the items and see a very familiar image appear. “HeY! Wait a minute! That’s my photo.” Unfortunately, the photo was used about a sad story of a car accident.

That photo is available for viewing on Flickr at along with other great Toronto photos I’ve taken.

Make your Windows machine look more like a Mac

My work desktop

click the image to view the desktop with explanation

This is my work desktop. And no, it’s not a Mac. This is Windows XP with a few tweaks and utility tools to make it look Mac-like so I don’t have to mentally switch between work (WinXP) and home (MacOSX) setups.

What I’m using:

Mac-like toolbar: RKLauncher
Additional docklets for RKLauncher: DockEx
Icon hiding to eliminate distractions: IconDesk
Multiple desktop switching: VirtuaWin
Desktop background: I got these OSX-like images posted somewhere online but can’t remember now.

This is all freeware/open source software, so it doesn’t cost anything and they’re very lightweight small apps as well.

goal reached

no aircraft carriers were damaged in the flexing of this photo

goal reached. mission accomplished. at least my first goal. it’s taken me almost 6 months, but my initial gym goal of putting on 20 lbs of muscle has been achieved. a lot of long painful hours in the gym with a great trainer and a lot of even longer and harder hours spent eating and eating. i honestly like the pain of the gym more than the pain of cooking and eating most meals. i haven’t missed one gym session or skipped a day of training yet. now i’m on to my next goal. another 13 lbs of muscle will take me to my next weight stage. i figure it’ll probably be about 4 months. it’ll be a good xmas gift to myself.

now i need to find a fun way to celebrate my success. most would go out for a nice meal, but that still reminds me of work in this case.

kenny vs blaine

kenny hotz

me with Kenny Hotz

It was a very exciting lunch hour today. I had a dentist appointment for a checkup and as I was walking along King Street, I looked next to Starbucks and saw a small film crew. The sound guy looked familiar and the guy they were filming had his back towards me but I thought I knew who it was. I decided to check it out to confirm and walked past them. Sure enough, it was Kenny Hotz from Kenny vs Spenny. I yelled, “when’s the next season start?” Kenny shouted back “October 16”. I realized this would make a great blog post, so I pulled out my cameraphone, the trusty Nokia 6682, to capture the moment. Kenny said he remembered me from the previous time I ran into him and stopped him to talk and said he reads my blog. He’s left comments here as well. I’ve got celebrity readership! After the photo, he says “film him…get him on the show”. Camera’s rolling and he asks me to borrow $5. I grabbed my wallet, whipped out $5 and handed it over. I said “anything to help you beat Spenny” and started to walk away. Kenny said, “in that case, I should have asked for $20”. I figure with all the laughs this show has given me, it’s well worth $5 for my entertainment and this way I give a little back. This form of payment is way better than coughing up $12 to see a Hollywood movie and then finding out how bad it sucks.

So, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the start of Kenny vs Spenny Season 3, Sunday, October 16 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase. For one, to see the new episodes, and secondly, to see if I make it onto the show. If you haven’t seen the show yet, you owe it to yourself to do so. Read my previous article about the show.

I’ve posted the cameraphone photos at my flickr page.

UPDATE: Kenny left comments to this post saying they were filming episode 12 of 13, “Who can be homeless for longer” and my $5 donation went towards paying for his lunch.

check out youtube for clips from the show if you’re interested in a preview of what the shows are like. They were also on Conan O’Brien, see the clip here.