evernote – bookmark your brain

evernote keeps your visual memories on all your computers

i started using evernote a few years ago. at the time, it was only on the pc. recently, they’ve added support for mac, phones and a web interface. now they even sync your notes across the internet so anything you add on one machine will end up on all your other locations. this is great for me – if I come across something on my work pc, I can add it to evernote and it’ll end up on my mac at home. they have a free service where you can use up to 40MB/month. if you want more, you can pay $5/month.

So what is Evernote?

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

You can directly “clip” (like copy & paste) from Outlook, Firefox, Internet Explorer into Evernote. Or any copy & paste can become a note in Evernote.

For example, say I read an article on my lunchbreak at work and I want to store it for reference later. Bookmarks are lame. Printing kills trees. Evernote stores it as a note you can read later. I use it for photos ideas I come across, great articles I want to reread later, tutorials, etc. And now with the new syncing ability, I can review it on my home computer later that evening.

You can tag your notes with keywords for searching and sorting. And now, Evernote even has visual character recognition. Take a photo of a business card using your webcam, add it to Evernote and it will recognize the text in the photo. So later, when you need to find that business card for “John Smith”, just type a search for it and Evernote will “read” it off the business card photo. Very cool.

lots of cool features, and finally a way to store all the interesting articles I come across

Canadian iPhone on July 11

Canada gets some phone equality

i was giddy when the announcement was made – iPhone is coming to Canada. And July 11 will be the payoff. I’ll definitely be at Rogers that morning getting an update. The only remaining question is the data plans. There’s lots of rumors that the plans will be close to what is offered in the US, which will be a huge change after seeing not even close to equivalent data rates. Imagine if gas cost $5/gallon (not too hard with today’s rates) in the US, in Canada it would be something like $40/gallon in Canada. You’d see a lot of empty streets and highways. And that’s what it’s been in Canada – people just can’t afford to use wireless internet on their phones. Hopefully that will be changed in the next couple weeks and Canada’s wireless services will take off.

One thing I’m looking forward to is having Google Maps on my phone. I had been contemplating getting a GPS for the car. With Google Maps, I’ll at least be able to get an idea of where to go, without the turn by turn voice navigation.

And now I’ll have one less thing filling up my pockets. I’ve been carrying around my large 20Gb classic ipod (circa Feb 2005 after my 40Gb died) and a Nokia 6682 (no small phone either). I like the Nokia because it has my calendar and all my contacts in there which I couldn’t do with other phones. I need a smartphone. the iPhone is like Reese’s peanut butter cups. “You’ve got your phone in my music.” “No, you’ve got your music in my phone.”

A few things I’ll need to look into

  • How to sync my work Outlook Calendar with my home Mac – I think there’s a solution available using Google Calendar as an intermediate.
  • Cool new apps to install – What are the best apps? I’ll definitely need a game for idle time, some sort of todo list, a notepad, something to jot out blog posts. What else? Any recommendations?
  • A case/cover – I’ve got a silicon cover for my iPod and I like the fact that it doesn’t slide around when I put it down on the car console, etc. Offers a bit of bounce to keep it protected for those rare times when i’ve dropped it.

Will you be upgrading to an iPhone?

june braindump.

is it june already? time flies. the new baby has kept us busy and exhausted. but she’s a blast.

the summer heat is on the way. got ceiling fans installed yesterday. we had to hoist a 10 foot ladder up 3 stories through the balcony so we could install the fan in the high ceiling. makes a huge difference with the air.

why is each potato tagged individually?

no time for the gym lately. disappointed. maybe soon i’ll squeek a few hours in there.

pottery barn – i should get this for free at least

likewise with the photoblog…not much editing or shooting going on. lots of baby photos mostly.

a scooter would be nice – except i don’t want to get flattened

garage sale on the weekend. our entire neighbourhood was in on it. made $110. woohoo. quickly spent it on takeout meals through the week. at least we got rid of some of the stuff we didn’t need anymore and gave it a good home.

someone didn’t want their cassettes anymore

got to go out for a movie last weekend – ironman. i knew it was one flick i definitely had to see in the theatre. j stayed at home with the baby and i hit the theatre with her bro. so great to be out. contemplated napping since i knew it was 2 hours of rest i could use, but the movie was great and kept me awake.

another pimped out minivan. definitely a trend i’ve spotted

tv viewing is slow but has consisted of “the first 48” on a&e and lots of mma on hdnet. between ufc and all the hdnet fight shows, i’m backlogged. and saw a mike tyson best of retrospective. that guy was crazy. lots of 1st round knockouts. watch his early fights and see why he was so amazing.

dell.com shipped me this tiny mouse in this huge box. at least they didn’t use the foam peanuts

also saw the latest launch of the shuttle in hd…amazing. got to see the astronauts getting suited and boarding…much more real than just watching a blip of a shuttle take off the pad. hdnet is a great channel.

another bird fell victim to flying into a large tower