Olympic fever

I’ve officially got olympic fever and the only cure is lots of tv. Unfortunately with a new baby, tv isn’t something I get to watch much of the time. I caught some swimming the other night and it’s always exciting. Track and field is good to watch as well. And this is the first year to watch them in high def and it makes such a difference.

This morning I was so pleasantly surprised on my walk to work through the office towers that tvs have been set up in the lobbies to watch the games (it would be interesting to see the productivity decreases during these two weeks and everyone staying up late to watch). One area in the photo even went as far as setting up bleachers for people to sit and watch. Very nice to see. I wish the olympics were every year.

Riding a folding bike

I’ve seen a lot of folding bikes this summer. Much more than I usually see. The same with mopeds and scooters. High gas prices and warm weather combine to get more people out of their cars. I was contemplating getting a scooter but don’t want to pay for a years worth of insurance but only drive it for 4 months due to the weather.

I’ve got about 30 minutes of walking (13 minute walk + 13 minute train + 17 minute walk) each way to work and thought about cutting that hour a day of walking down by having a bike. I can’t take a bike on the train during busy times but I think I could get away with bringing on one of those small collapsing bikes. A compact lightweight bike might give me back 30 minutes a day x 3 days a week commuting (I work from home some days) x 30 weeks per year (won’t ride in sloppy weather) = 45 hours. 45 hours saved!!! That’s some serious return on investment. Think of what your (hourly salary is x 45 hours) – (cost of bike) and it’s a worthwhile investment. Time to go bike shopping.

Blogging on the iphone

Another joy of the iPhone. So since my last post I tracked an iPhone down. I was calling everywhere and a local rogers video had just gotten a shipment of 2 in. I drove as fast as I could legally get there and snatched it up. Within 2 minutes the last one was gone by a guy who just happened to walk on and ask. And I’ve been loving every minute of my tech gadget fun. I’ll post more of a review later.

The main point of this post is that it was completely done on my phone – and quickly too. WordPress (my blogging software) has an iPhone application so I can write blog posts on my phone. This is great. I’d always been wanting to tap out a post when I have idle time and now it’s possible. It’s usually as I’m walking around that I think of post ideas and I forget them by the time I get in front of a computer. Now I can write one anywhere I have my phone.

So hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more content on this blog in the future.