best year ever

today is my daughter’s 1st birthday. an amazing milestone for me and my family. time has flown. it’s been both the most stressful and most enjoyable year of my life. funny how those 2 can be present together. a lot of changes in the past year – a lot more nights and weekends at home, a lot less dinners out, no more movie nights – but it’s all worth it to wake up each morning and see that smiling face and hear her shrieks of joy and laughter.

happy 1st birthday sweetheart.

It’s melting

The weather is finally warming up and the snow and ice is beginning to give back the roads and sidewalks. The temperature hit 10deg and it feels like spring already, but soon I’m sure we’ll have another blast of snow. Make sure to get out and enjoy the warm weather while it’s here. And maybe take down your Christmas lights like I just did -oops, bad neighbour.

i’m back…

…kinda. One of my applications on my domain got attacked back in early January without my knowing and the hosting company had to shut down my account. It was turned back on for a short period and the attacks happened so I was shut down. It’s been a few weeks now, and my account has been reinstated, I’ve partially restored my domain after many hiccups (photo gallery isn’t up yet) but at least my archives are back and I have a voice again.
It’s very scary when you almost lose the last 7 years of web content and aren’t able to get it started up again. I lost some posts from Dec & Jan, but I can live with that. Persistence and lots of backups. Thankfully, I do a backup of my domain at the start of each month. With out those, I would have been lost. So remember to back up your site on a regular basis and keep your web apps up to date.