Across from PHP blvd…

The person in charge of street name assignments in this neighborhood obviously is a fan of some agile programming languages.
ruby lang lane

Album of the year – last year

88 keys - death of adam

88 Keys – Death of Adam

I keep coming back to this album over and over. To say I’ve listened to it a lot is an understatement and it’s definitely my most played album of the last year. 88 Keys – Death of Adam definitely needs more press.

The album weaves a story from beginning to end but with different musical styles along the way and different musical guests (Kanye, Redman, Bilal) and keeping the humour in some serious adult topics. Dirty Peaches (f J’Davey) is definitely a favorite – soft and swinging. Stay Up has some good beats, samples and solid lyrics from Ye.

If you haven’t heard of 88 Keys (I hadn’t before this), keep an eye out for him at the Ralph Lauren store (dude has worn Polo gear every day for like the past 18 years) and cop this album -you won’t be disappointed.

i want to live in this world

i’m normally not such a big microsoft fan, but this inspiration video has some amazing “out of the box” technical ideas and designs that i’d love to see come to life. 10 years is too soon, but it’s definitely inspiring if some of these ideas and interactions have even the possibility of happening. take a watch and see how exciting the future could be.

found via accordion guy