Air Jordan IV – still my favorite

Why can’t Nike relaunch these shoes? There’s some retro Fusions similar to this, but they’ve got the thick Dunk soles on them. I want this exact shoe, the paint splatters. The white & reds are awesome too. No chance finding something like this anymore without paying a bundle. These are 1989 – a friend had these and I wanted them hard. I’d wear these every day if I could. Doing some more reading at JordanZone, these shoes were rereleased – in 1999 for the 10 year. Well, now it’s 2009 – let’s see a 20 year edition.

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HOT 97 iPhone app

Now I can stream Hot 97 to my iPhone from whereever. This should be awesome.

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iPhone Photography – iPhoneography

all about taking photos and video with your iPhone. Reviews of camera apps.

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iPhone tethering works so smooth

Here’s what the phone looks like when tethering is enabled.

I plugged the phone in, enabled tethering in settings and Mac OS immediately recognized a new adapter, registered an IP address ANSI wa off to the races. And the speed is fast. Even watching Youtube clips are smooth.

Combine the iPhone tethering with the lightweight, ultraportable MSI Wind netbook and I’ve got a mobile internet connection I can take everywhere. This will be great for travel. Now I’ve just got to travel more. 🙂

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how to email more than 1 photo from the iPhone

First go into your photos, and get to the point where you are looking at all your thumbnails. Now near the bottom you’ll see the icon that you use to email with; Click on that and you will be able to select multiple pictures.

Select your pics, click share and then choose email or MMS.


this feature was one I couldn’t figure out and not for a lack of trying. this article showed me the way.

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