Connecting FileMaker Pro to MySQL

I’m doing a trial of FileMaker Pro 11 on my Mac for a work project. Part of that, I want to incorporate some existing data out of a MySQL database. FM Pro allows for ESS (external SQL sources) with an ODBC connection. After a couple hours, trying a bunch of ODBC drivers for Mac, it appeared that there was only a single option – Actual Tech‘s ODBC driver which costs $35. Not too expensive, but I was looking for free for this trial. The MySQL driver should work, but after a lot of googling, it’s a known problem that there’s a bug. Until I found the bug filed for it. It’s been fixed in a recent version of the MySQL driver! And it’s free! I downloaded it and sure enough, it works. Since there’s a lot of other people out there that have been looking to do the same, I wanted to post this solution for them as well.

There’s a couple parts to this…

1. ODBC Administrator (or ODBC Manager) – this configures the ODBC connection. It’s basically a wizard to allow you to create the odbc.ini settings. Download Apple’s ODBC Administrator Tool and install it. It’ll end up in Applications/Utilities

2. ODBC driver – this does the actual translation between the database. The MySQL driver has a 3.5x version and 5.x version. I tried the 3.5x version since that’s where the bug fix was checked in. I’m not sure what the diff is between the 3 & 5 version, but it worked for me, that’s all that matters right now. Use a minimum of version 3.51.27. I used 3.51.28. You can download the MySQL ODBC 3.51 drivers here. Install it.

Next, start up ODBC Administrator tool. I created a System DSN (other users can use it as well, not just myself – for a User DSN). Add... Select “MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver”

The next configuration screen was surprising…it wasn’t the usual wizard, but allowed you add Keyword|Value pairs. I did some inspection of a ODBC config file and sorted out what the Keywords were and inserted my values (server IP, database instance name, username, password). Once I tried adding an ODBC connection in FMPro, my tables came up no problem.



Studio B.I.B – Allister Lee is making his mark

My uber-talented brother in law Allister has been collecting markers that he uses in his art for years. He’s now approaching the 500 markers milestone and he’s been doing large detailed drawings of each marker along the way. I’m not talking a total of 500 markers – that would be easy – these are 500 unique markers. You wouldn’t think there are even 500 different ones in the world. As a bonus, he’s going for a Guiness record. To commemorate, he’s also got a large sized poster for sale. Check out the photos to see just how huge this project is.

Read some of the articles about the project at Hypebeast , Curated &  Reed Space

ABOUT: STUDIO B.I.B is a Toronto based creative studio operated by Allister Lee that specializes in consultation, branding, and graphic work for premier niche retail operations and apparel brands that have included MHI, Mishka, Nike, Staple, Stussy and Supreme. To compliment the work practice STUDIO B.I.B is actively involved in the creation of art exhibitions, collaborative projects, and an intermittently produced array of lifestyle products and printed matter representative of the studio moniker and motto. Black is Beautiful.

Also look at his massive portfolio of work or read his blog detailing every marker in the collection.


Detail view

The poster below is 42“ x 32”, and is printed on a 80lb gloss poster stock in an unlimited edition. It’s available for purchase through Equal Dist, The Reed Space and direct via the Studio B.I.Boutique.


timelapse photography

This weekend I had a perfect opportunity for a timelapse video. I setup a tripod, mounted my iPhone4 in the Glif holder and started up iTimelapse to record a picture every 7 seconds. At the end, I dumped the videos out to iMovie, threw in some titles and music. I hope you enjoy the speedy process of painting.

Shoe hunt


I’m overdue for a new pair on Air Max 90s. My current ones are battered from wet weather wear. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a colorway I’ve liked. But I read Nike’s ready to drop a bunch of new ones for 2011. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for these.

Apple Live Event

Apple Announcement Event

Today’s another day that causes Apple fanboys like myself to spring out of bed and bite their nails until 1PM EST. It’s announcement day! New product reveals. I’m expecting to see the following announced today:

  • Obviously the iPad 2.
  • iOS 4.3 finally released (Please Rogers, don’t block or charge for Wifi Hotspot ability)
  • Preview of Lion (OSX 10.7)
  • And maybe the classic “One more thing”?

I was really aiming to pick up the new iPad release. I’ve been waiting since before Xmas since I didn’t want to buy the old tech. But from recent whispers, it sounds like there’s an iPad 3 on the way later this year and I should wait until then.

A secret source states…

“For the iPad 2 don’t get your hopes up too high. That’s all I’m going to say. They’ve had a number of problems along the way, and the third-generation iPad is the one to make a song and a dance about.”

Here’s links to all the liveblogging action so you can follow along live…

Update after the event:

iPad 2 was revealed, as expected. The fact that it’s now 33% thinner (8.8mm) is very impressive – it’s thinner than my iPhone 4. The front and back cameras are a great addition – I look forward to future FaceTime sessions with family members. But as expected, the screen resolution remains the same. That’s the one reason while I’ll wait until September (rumoured timeframe) for iPad 3. Both white & black colours – I think I’ll stick with the black. The iMovie update is a good update. It had some major holes that other apps were filling. GarageBand isn’t exciting for me as I’m braindead when it comes to making music.

iOS4.3 – AirPlay will be useful – I can now push the video from my iPhone onto the AppleTV. This is great for when I load videos for my daughter. And now any songs or videos in my iTunes library can be streamed to my iPhone. I was looking for a solution to this for a while. Air Video Server solved that problem for me, but this will be good for video podcasts I’d like to watch that aren’t sync’d to my phone.