Must listen music of 2011

One thing I really enjoy about the end of the year is the “Best Of” lists, especially for music. I don’t get to pay much attention to all the music happenings and this does some of the sorting for me.


What music do you recommend someone “must listen to” for 2011, that if someone overlooked they’d be missing out on something great. Last year, for me it was Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus. This year, it is Foster The People – Torches. Neither of these are unknowns or overlooked music, but they were unknown to me. Actually, those two I found via their Saturday Night Live appearances. The Foster The People album is good from start to finish.

Hip-hop is my primary music genre, so it’s great to find exposure to bands of other genres that are undeniably good. What is good that I’ve been missing?


For 2011 in hip-hop, you’ve obviously got to listen to Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And his other album from this year, with Jay Watch the Throne. It was a good year for Kanye Fans. There’s lots of other great stuff, but I’ll let you read about it in the year’s Best Of lists.

What have I missed that I should be listening to right now?