Retina Macbook Pro on order


In March of this year, my 2008 Macbook Pro died. Absolutely died. I had it powered down, threw it in my backpack, drove a couple hours, and when I tried to power it up again, there was nothing there. A push of the button, a whir of activity and immediately shutdown. Not a good sign. I tried a few things, took it in to the Apple Genius and he confirmed it – logic board. I’m assuming a solder joint popped on the board somewhere after 4 years. It’s a shame since I could have gotten along fine with it for at least another year. It was slowing, but still the best machine I ever bought. All my data was intact, I actually popped open the machine, pulled out the drive into an enclosure and did a firewire boot (awesome feature) with another machine. And I’ve got Time Machine and Superduper backups of it as well – data integrity is fine.

My options were: 1) replace the logic board for $600+ and see how long that lasts 2) get a new machine. A hard decision – I didn’t want to throw away good money as $600 is no small amount and that it a good chunk of a brand new machine, which I was planning to purchase within a year. But, I didn’t want to purchase a new machine as I knew from reading the tech rumours, that a new update was around the corner – I just didn’t know how long. 2 weeks? 2 months? What would I do without my computer in the meantime?

I have a MBP for my work machine, so I could lean on that, but couldn’t use it for all my photo & video editing. General web/connectivity work was fine. I also have a 10″ netbook “Hackintosh” and that along with my MacMini server could give me some very slow editing abilities if needed.

Thankfully, the new Intel Ivy Bridge chips were announce a couple weeks later and I knew that was a good sign. The rumours for a new MacBook Pro started up. Lots of rumours of Retina screens, new size format, closer to the MacBook Air, etc. I dug in and decided to wait even further. Finally, the WWDC (Apple’s developer convention) was announced for June 11th. I knew there’d be lots of announcements and that would be the date.

Sure enough, the MBP update came, and then the new Retina MBP as well. I waited overnight to read reviews, contemplate the decision and the next morning I ordered. But now I’ve got a 4 week wait. Order expected July 5-10. I hope that date doesn’t slide any further. Quad-core 2.6 with 16GB of ram and 512 GB SSD. Photo and video editing is going to be amazingly fast. I just wish the manufacturing and shipping were fast as well.

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