10 years

10 years. A significant milestone. I started work at Sitraka in July 2002. It was my second time working there. The first time, the project I was working on was spun off, sold, then later shut down. I went to a couple dot-com shops and was back to Sitraka in July 2002 and have been there ever since. Until yesterday. Yesterday was my last day and it was a tough decision to leave a place that you’re happy at, you know the work, and you’re comfortable.

But in terms of career progression, being comfortable and knowing the work aren’t always the best thing. I knew I needed to challenge myself with something new and unknown.

When I found my new job, I knew it was going to be something new and definitely a challenge. And one of those companies that people say “wow!” after I said where I was starting. I’m going to be working as a Project Manager at IMAX. IMAX! The company that filmed space from the shuttle! The company that makes your blockbuster films so big. There’s a lot of great heritage and great tech there. I’m going to be doing software again, as well as hardware projects. I’m pretty excited for this new change. It’s cool to walk into the office and see the trailer for Dark Knight Rises playing on screens there. The hardware is new and interesting, something I missed from my days in manufacturing engineering. There’ll be lots to learn.

Leaving Quest Software was a hard decision – changing anything after 10 years obviously would be hard. It’s a great company with great people and a great environment. I’m hoping to find the same at IMAX.

Change is good.

This is what 10 years of work notes looks like.

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