Retina Macbook Pro on order


In March of this year, my 2008 Macbook Pro died. Absolutely died. I had it powered down, threw it in my backpack, drove a couple hours, and when I tried to power it up again, there was nothing there. A push of the button, a whir of activity and immediately shutdown. Not a good sign. I tried a few things, took it in to the Apple Genius and he confirmed it – logic board. I’m assuming a solder joint popped on the board somewhere after 4 years. It’s a shame since I could have gotten along fine with it for at least another year. It was slowing, but still the best machine I ever bought. All my data was intact, I actually popped open the machine, pulled out the drive into an enclosure and did a firewire boot (awesome feature) with another machine. And I’ve got Time Machine and Superduper backups of it as well – data integrity is fine.

My options were: 1) replace the logic board for $600+ and see how long that lasts 2) get a new machine. A hard decision – I didn’t want to throw away good money as $600 is no small amount and that it a good chunk of a brand new machine, which I was planning to purchase within a year. But, I didn’t want to purchase a new machine as I knew from reading the tech rumours, that a new update was around the corner – I just didn’t know how long. 2 weeks? 2 months? What would I do without my computer in the meantime?

I have a MBP for my work machine, so I could lean on that, but couldn’t use it for all my photo & video editing. General web/connectivity work was fine. I also have a 10″ netbook “Hackintosh” and that along with my MacMini server could give me some very slow editing abilities if needed.

Thankfully, the new Intel Ivy Bridge chips were announce a couple weeks later and I knew that was a good sign. The rumours for a new MacBook Pro started up. Lots of rumours of Retina screens, new size format, closer to the MacBook Air, etc. I dug in and decided to wait even further. Finally, the WWDC (Apple’s developer convention) was announced for June 11th. I knew there’d be lots of announcements and that would be the date.

Sure enough, the MBP update came, and then the new Retina MBP as well. I waited overnight to read reviews, contemplate the decision and the next morning I ordered. But now I’ve got a 4 week wait. Order expected July 5-10. I hope that date doesn’t slide any further. Quad-core 2.6 with 16GB of ram and 512 GB SSD. Photo and video editing is going to be amazingly fast. I just wish the manufacturing and shipping were fast as well.

Apple Live Event

Apple Announcement Event

Today’s another day that causes Apple fanboys like myself to spring out of bed and bite their nails until 1PM EST. It’s announcement day! New product reveals. I’m expecting to see the following announced today:

  • Obviously the iPad 2.
  • iOS 4.3 finally released (Please Rogers, don’t block or charge for Wifi Hotspot ability)
  • Preview of Lion (OSX 10.7)
  • And maybe the classic “One more thing”?

I was really aiming to pick up the new iPad release. I’ve been waiting since before Xmas since I didn’t want to buy the old tech. But from recent whispers, it sounds like there’s an iPad 3 on the way later this year and I should wait until then.

A secret source states…

“For the iPad 2 don’t get your hopes up too high. That’s all I’m going to say. They’ve had a number of problems along the way, and the third-generation iPad is the one to make a song and a dance about.”

Here’s links to all the liveblogging action so you can follow along live…

Update after the event:

iPad 2 was revealed, as expected. The fact that it’s now 33% thinner (8.8mm) is very impressive – it’s thinner than my iPhone 4. The front and back cameras are a great addition – I look forward to future FaceTime sessions with family members. But as expected, the screen resolution remains the same. That’s the one reason while I’ll wait until September (rumoured timeframe) for iPad 3. Both white & black colours – I think I’ll stick with the black. The iMovie update is a good update. It had some major holes that other apps were filling. GarageBand isn’t exciting for me as I’m braindead when it comes to making music.

iOS4.3 – AirPlay will be useful – I can now push the video from my iPhone onto the AppleTV. This is great for when I load videos for my daughter. And now any songs or videos in my iTunes library can be streamed to my iPhone. I was looking for a solution to this for a while. Air Video Server solved that problem for me, but this will be good for video podcasts I’d like to watch that aren’t sync’d to my phone.

iPad – to buy or not?

Today is the day many people have been waiting for, and lining up at Apple Stores for – at least in the US (Canada has to wait another few weeks). The iPad has arrived. And since I’m an Apple Fanboy (I’ve got 4 Mac’s currently running in my possession, not including my iPhone) a lot of people have asked me if I’m going to get an iPad. And response lately is “No”. That’s before seeing one or trying it out. I’m sure the envy and coolness factor will definitely try to persuade me buy one, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And for me, it just doesn’t make sense.


The usage covered by the iPad just isn’t something I need. The iPad is an around-the-house casual internet appliance. Music listening, email, internet browsing, e-Book reader, possibly light gaming. A lot of these scenarios I’ve already got covered with my iPhone. I see the iPad as a larger, faster iPhone with some additional capabilities. But if I wanted a 10″ computer, I’d want to be able to do much more with it. The Pad doesn’t even multitask. So you can’t listen to music while you’re surfing or tapping out some email. Granted, it looks like it does some things VERY well – movie watching could be great. The book reader looks impressive as well.

Since I want more from a 10″ computer, I got a netbook last summer and for my usage, it fits perfectly. I recently took my netbook on a trip rather than lugging my 15″ MacBook Pro and it was great for editing photos, editing video, and even listening to music while surfing. Not to mention a physical keyboard. Combining the portability of the netbook with tethering from my iPhone and I’ve got mobile internet anywhere. It’s a great combination.

And I’m not the only person thinking this way. Another Canadian and photographer, MostlyLisa summed up her 5 reasons why she’s not buying an iPad either