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I’m a big fan of for organizing everything I read on the internet. I also use FreeMind for structured brainstorming and graphical organization as a mindmap. Displaying tags as a mindmap tree was an obvious fit. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to transform an xml format from to the Freemind file format. A great benefit I found when I was researching, I discovered the mindmap format could also include weblinks on each of the nodes. This means you can click through the created mindmap tree and launch websites from your bookmarks directly within Freemind. On Windows, the links are even opened directly in your default browser.

To use DeliciousMind…

  • You must have Java installed and Java must be in your path.
  • Download
  • Unzip to a directory.
  • Load the URL in your browser (I hope you’re using Firefox). You will be prompted to enter your username & password.
  • XML file structure will be displayed in your browser. File|Save Page As…
  • Save the file to the same directory as you’ve unzipped Give it a name such as delicious.xml. This will be your input file to Deliciousmind.
  • To convert the xml file to a mindmap file, use the following command
    deliciousmind.cmd delicious.xml
  • The file does not exist yet, but will be the file to be created. The mindmap file should end in .mm for file recognition.
  • For example:

    > deliciousmind.cmd delicious-example.xml
    00:26:13,627 INFO DeliciousMind - Converting file delicious-example.xml
    00:26:13,938 INFO DeliciousMind - MindMap has been written to


Please contact me with any suggestions or comments (deliciousmind AT blainekendall DOT com)

Transform this xml from to …

…this easily viewable and graphical mindmap.

This software still brings lots of interest to my website, so please leave me some comments and let me know you’re going to give DeliciousMind a try.

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